Last day in San Francisco

So I had to get back to LA for my flights and decided to head into San Fran to seek out those elusive Gays and of course the Golden Gate Bridge.

As it turned out it was the Gay festival in Folsom street so I had to take a detour to see the carnival and all the interesting people. Leather was the order of the day… lots of men dressed in lots of leather (with patches of the leather missing too !!) Very good.. The hotest pieces on sale were the leather whips and several groups seemed bent on giving demonstrations. I even got a paddy wack (hee hee… all those fantacies of being spanked !!)

Finally after almost two weeks of American music I heard some techno in one of the clubs… like a moth to a flame !! I didn´t realise just how much I was missing it. At least some American´s appreciate good music. however I forced myself to leave (it was only 3pm) A little further on there was a man dancing in a cage !!

One dude was walking around in nothing but gloves and a bandanna. He let me take his picture but I didnt think it was suitable for the site. Another woman was walking around in just a coat (and Alex, if you are reading this – she was not a typical Californian woman). Actually the women were few and far between but I got one photo for you John.. hee hee…

Actually after that photo I was begining to feel a bit overdressed (mom you shouldn´t be reading this) especially with the great sun streaming down and the interesting clothing going around. I was tempted to strip off my top and use two pieces of black plastic tape to hide my nakedness (as some female had done too) …. but at that stage I suddenly remembered the Planetarium which I had missed three days before and decided to move on..

Those of you that have been travelling with me, will know that for the past 3 years I have been trying to find a decent Northern Hemisphere planetarium so finally my quest was forfilled in the San Francisco one. Really good show and the dude went through all the northern hemisphere constellations (if a bit fast) and got to know some interesting facts…

there is a mountain on mars that is 80 000 feet high. That is more than double mount Everest (30 000 feet). Can you imagine if you are flying at 33 000 feet which I was the following day, and you see a mountain rizing twice that height in the distance. How scarey… Mars… what fun.. .I think I want to go there next !!

Finally I caught a bus (and when the bus stopped walked up a huge hill) to see the view of the unclothed Golden Gate Bridge. It was so beautiful I took about 10 photos of just me and it !! It was a bit windy… a very impressive bridge. If I go back to San Fran I would like to take the time to walk across it.

I took a bus back to the parade but it seems like it was all over so slowly made my way back to the Greyhound bus station for my 9 hour bus ride to LA.

Natasha Haslam

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