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TOP 5 Worst Travel Spots

There’s nothing worse that jetting off on a holiday, butterflies and anticipation in tow, and arriving to realize that it is not what it was made out to be. That’s where I come in...


Three Fishing Trips for the Alaska Adventurer

Alaska fishing trips are some of the hottest adventure travel opportunities in the world. The state comprises more than 585,000 square miles pristine coastline, glaciers, forests and volcanoes. The fish are always super-sized and...


Recommended Fishing and Charter Boat Marinas in Miami

While the restaurants and fashion of the city may have taken over, Miami fishing charter boat companies are still doing a booming business. Deep-sea fishing is a major draw in Miami, with anglers all...


Honolulu Attractions

Pearl Harbor, located just west of Honolulu, was originally called Wai Momi, by Hawaiians, meaning “Water of Pearl”. It became a port and naval base for the United States in 1887. The Japanese attack...


Honolulu Festivals, Recreations & Leisure

Honolulu Recreations & Leisure The Great Aloha Run is an annual road race in Honolulu that takes place in February on President’s Day. The 8.15 mile race benefits the Carole Kai Charity and contains...

The best time to see the Fall colours in Quebec 0

The best time to see the Fall colours in Quebec

Anywhere in the north-eastern corner of North America will display fall foliage but for something a bit different, Quebec adds a touch of Europe without the transatlantic plane trip.


The City of Angels

Another day on my own… Getting into it although I have to admit.. motivating myself to get out of the youth hostel is difficult and I get a sick knot of panic in my...

Last day in San Francisco 0

Last day in San Francisco

So I had to get back to LA for my flights and decided to head into San Fran to seek out those elusive Gays and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. As it turned...