Travel Preparation Checklist

A pleasant vacation depends on good preparation. The best way to make sure that you don´t forget anything is to make a checklist for things like passport, medicines and tickets.

A travel preparation checklist for your trip is not only about the things you need to take with you. To make your vacation is as smooth as possible there are a lot of things that need to be done and gone through before you leave. With the help of an adequate checklist you won´t have to worry while you are away from your house. If you can find someone you trust to stay at your house whilst you are away on your holiday, it´s the best way to really enjoy your vacation. You should have fun and not have to bother yourself with worries. Remember that last minute preparations are not good, since it´s so easy to forget important things. Therefore, it is advisable to think everything through at an early stage.

Travel Preparation Checklist

The first step to a successful holiday is to put together an adequate travel preparation checklist. To be sure not to be stressed, this should be done at least ten days before departure.

  • If you own a pet that has to be looked after during your vacation, you need to arrange pet care in time.
  • Create a packing list with luggage that is sufficient for your trip activities.
  • Make sure that you have paid all the bills around the house so you won´t be delayed in payments.
  • Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail while you are away.
  • Even if you are sure that your bookings for hotels and rental cars are correct, it´s always better to double check them.
  • If you or someone you travel with maintains a medication ensure that the supply matches the duration of your trip at least five days before departure. That way, in case more medicine is needed it can be picked up before the trip starts.
  • It´s a good idea to set automatic timers for your lamps etc in your house at different times throughout one to two days before departure. By doing that, the difference between you being at home and being away isn’t too obvious and you avoid the risk of someone breaking into your house whilst you are on holiday.
  • Now you can begin to pack and organize the needed paperwork like passports, tickets, permits and maps.
  • If you like to read during travelling why not pick up some magazines or a new book. Water your plants at the day of departure so they stay humid longer.

Don´t forget to notify others about your absence in advance and if needed reschedule appointments. It´s always wise to leave your contact info with a friend or a family member in case someone needs to reach you.

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