Canada’s Multicultural Destination: Experiencing Culture In Toronto

Toronto is a beautiful city that is known all around the world for its diverse culture and famous landmarks. If you want to get the most out of your trip, however you should visit The Drake Hotel located in the downtown area of the city. This boutique-style hotel is different from your usual chain, having only nineteen rooms, each with a unique theme. The rooms come in different sizes and are styled to reflect the cultural values of the hotel. Live music, great food, and ongoing art exhibitions moreover make this the go-to hotel for anyone wanting a memorable and diverse experience of Toronto. The entertainment never ends in this Toronto boutique hotel.

During the day or night, travelers, culture seekers, and neighbors are able to enjoy top-rated food from the The Drake Hotel’s restaurant that is quite famous in the city of Toronto. If it is music you desire, then head to the Underground and take in a live performance from a variety of different artists. There are seasonal and permanent exhibits for the art enthusiast to reflect upon. The Sky Yard is also to be considered and is available to anyone wanting to relax in a year round rooftop patio.


Staying in this hotel is the best way of enjoying this diverse city. You can venture out to see the great CN tower, tour museums, and view galleries, or stay close to the neighborhood where you will realize that the spirit of Toronto has been captured brilliantly. The Drake also gives back to the community by having free pancake breakfasts and lively sidewalk sales on the cafe patio. Local chefs may come for a chili cook-off in the lounge or a dance charity party may be held in the Underground. Local artists, musicians, and designers all have The Drake’s support. Giving back to the community, especially the ones that are able to keep the culture and diversity alive is a very important part of what The Drake Hotel stands for.

The Drake Hotel is in a class of it’s own. This Toronto boutique hotel not offers only entertainment, top notch food, and art, but also the opportunity to experience culture like never before. With its unique rooms in variety of different sizes, there will always be something for everyone no matter where you come from. The beauty of The Drake Hotel is the fact that no individual will be out of place. Music, art, and food are all universal languages of people world-wide but one that The Drake Hotel knows best.

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