How To Have A Mountain Exclusively To Yourself: The Heli Skiing Experience

Skiing and snowboarding are some of the most popular winter sports in the world, the problem many of us who love taking to the slopes have is the overcrowding we often see on most of our trips. There is a simple way to avoid the overcrowded slopes for those looking for a quiet area to ski or snowboard, heliskiing can give a small group a private trip to a quiet area in some of British Columbia’s best mountain areas.

When you love skiing or snowboarding the thing you want to see is fresh, undisturbed snow, which often cannot be found on public slopes. Bella Coola Heliskiing offers small groups the chance to find pure, undisturbed snow in a lodge atmosphere to give lovers of winter sports the most unique and most personal skiing trip available.

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Heliskiing in BC is more than simply a winter sports tour of the mountains of British Columbia, instead the tours offered are based on small parties that will never become large scale bus trips. Small helicopters lift you and your group to an quiet mountain far from the packed slopes of most ski resorts, and give each group a trip that meets their personal needs. Small helicopters are used to transfer our guests to what will feel like a personal mountain, on which they can ski without the problems of others using the hill with them.

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A skier or snowboarder could also develop new skills as they feel, often for the first time the feeling of fresh powdered snow beneath them. When skiing in the packed resorts of Canada the snow is generally compacted and hard from the large number of skiers trying to cram onto the resort slopes. By taking a helicopter out of the resort zones into the beautiful mountain landscapes of British Columbia skiing is suddenly the way it was supposed to be. With feet of thick, moving snow beneath the skier or snowboarder the experience of skiing in Canada will be changed forever.

A small staff in your own private lodge will cater to every need you may have on your personal heliskiing in BC trip. With the safety of guests in mind, we want to make all out guests feel safe and secure on their trip, and have the most enjoyable heliskiing adventure possible. Time in the wilderness of British Columbia never fails to disappoint, with some of the best scenery and skiing terrain available in North America. As a matter of fact, some of the top wilderness resorts in North America joined forces to form “The Magnificent 7” and a quick Google search will show you exactly why they joined forces. Each unique destination offers an incredible opportunity to connect with nature in beautifully passionate ways. For those who enjoy some of the extremes in life, heli skiing in Bella Coola is the way to go!

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